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University Auto Repair Shop AC Repair

Are you yearning for the days when your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning worked flawlessly, just like when you drove it off the lot? University Auto Repair, located in Moscow,…

University Auto Repair Shop Automotive Inspection

Our 100-Point inspection is not just limited to 100 points; it encompasses 100 major categories, each of which branches out into numerous detailed inspections. Every time you bring your vehicle…

University Auto Repair Shop Automotive Repair

In the realm of auto repair, the choice of where you entrust your car’s maintenance can significantly impact the service quality and pricing you encounter. Opting for the wrong service…

University Auto Repair Shop Transmission Repair

University Auto Repair specializes in automatic transmission service in Moscow, Idaho. Did you know that your car or truck’s transmission system comprises an intricate network of over 1,000 components? It’s…

University Auto Repair Shop Brake Repair

At University Auto Repair, we place the utmost emphasis on the safety and dependability of your vehicle’s brakes. When it comes to brakes, there’s no room for second best. Our…

University Auto Repair Shop Check Engine

A check engine warning may not always signal a severe issue. It’s essential not to procrastinate when it comes to addressing potential vehicle problems. If you’ve recently noticed the illumination…

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