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Automotive Diagnostics

Discovering an issue with your vehicle is never a joyful experience and that is why we offer automotive diagnostics. Whether your Check Engine Light suddenly illuminates, you hear an unusual noise, or you encounter any other vehicle-related problem, you want a precise diagnosis of what’s ailing your car. At University Auto Repair, we empathize with this frustration, and we’re committed to assisting you and your vehicle in getting back on the road.

Modern cars and trucks are equipped with highly advanced computer systems that monitor and control various vehicle systems and require automotive diagnostics. Even if a minor issue arises, the computer system stores a trouble code associated with the problem and signals you by activating the Check Engine Light. When this occurs, it’s advisable not to delay seeking a diagnosis. Waiting too long to address even a minor problem can escalate it into a major issue. Moreover, there are numerous symptoms your car or truck can exhibit, stemming from a wide array of causes.

When you entrust your car or truck to University Auto Repair for auto repair, you can bid farewell to the uncertainty of automotive diagnostics. Our expert ASE Certified Technicians possess extensive training in diagnosing vehicle problems. We not only perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle from front to rear but also employ advanced computer equipment that can connect to your vehicle’s on-board computer system to retrieve any trouble codes it may have stored. This enables us to pinpoint the specific problem afflicting your vehicle and confidently recommend the necessary repairs to ensure your safe and reliable return to the road.

If your Check Engine Light is aglow or you’re encountering issues with your car or truck, don’t hesitate to call University Auto Repair today to schedule your appointment.

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