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We are the leading auto repair shop in Moscow, Idaho.  We are known for providing high quality auto repair services at a fair price.  Proper vehicle maintenance helps ensure the longevity of your vehicle and keeps it running smoothly.  University’s Auto Repair Shop of Moscow, Idaho is here to properly maintain your vehicle.  

Tire Sales

When it comes to purchasing a new set of tires for your car or truck, it’s crucial to ensure you make the right choice.
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Oil Change

Oil change intervals are established to ensure that you replace the oil when it begins to degrade, not after it has already deteriorated.
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Every car manual comes with a recommended maintenance schedule. Following this schedule will help ensure that your vehicle lasts.
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Check Engine Light

While a service engine light may not always signal a severe issue, it’s essential not to procrastinate when it comes to addressing potential vehicle problems
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We provide quality auto repair services

We provide services you can trust! Our clients choose us and our auto repairs because they know we provide high quality service at a fair price.

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Our Focus Is On You

At university Auto Repair

Some auto repairs are unexpected and can be expansive. This is why we offer financing to help keep your vehicle on the road.
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A University Auto Repair we focus on providing quality service. We are proud to serve Moscow, Idaho and the surrounding area.
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Need to get to work or class after dropping off your vehicle or need to be picked up after the work has been completed? We can give you a lift.
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Best labor rate in Moscow & Pullman. I had my brakes done and oil Change for well under everyone else in town. Highly recommend checking them out: I was able to make payments as well.




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